Cartoon Yourself

How to easily turn your photos into cartoons?

cartoon image of me and ship to my address

Have you ever wondered what you look like as a cartoon character?

Wonder no more, Toonanimated can take just about any photo and give them a cartoon-like makeover. Turn your photos into cartoons – Cartoon Yourself. It’s fun!

Most of us when looking at others, see people. But when our artist behind Toonimated looks at people, they see all is cartoons.

Our artist transforms real people into an awesome collection of cartoon characters. Our best-quality illustrations are aimed to transform you into the world of your favorite characters by giving a realistic touch.

We believe in designing a masterwork – that makes a shout loud, a center of attraction, and astound everyone visiting your place.  Sometimes our artists draw what they see, and other times they add their own unique touches, adorning their subjects with additional variations.

Scroll down for some of our sample work that showcase how we Turn your photos into cartoons

Cartoon Yourself
Iron Man
Turn your photos into cartoons
Cartoon Yourself- Toonanimated
Cartoonize Me

Here’s how to use Toonanimated to Cartoon Yourself

Step 1: Order – Choose your favorite character from the options available and place an order on the website.

Step 2: Get an Image of Yourself Select your best photos/selfies. The recommended size of the photo would be 800 X 800 – 150 dpi (dots per inch) – 700KB. Email them to us with your order number at

Step 3: Illustration Via Toonanimated Our artists will illustrate your photograph digitally hand-painted and send it to you for your review and feedback.

Step 4: Ship Your Order- Once Approved, your order will be digitally hand-painted and shipped at your address.

Turn Your Photos to Cartoons in Just One Click!

With our Caricature art, you can quickly create a Cartoon of Yourself without any software installs. We don’t apply any software filters; each cartoon is made with consideration to the unique features of every human face. It is simply the best cartoon avatar, made without any shortcuts or automatic filters.

 When you order a digitally hand-drawn character from Toonanimated, you can expect:

  • An avatar that is 100 % unique to your face.
  • Quality handcrafted artwork that reflects your real personality
  • High-quality customer service
  • Delivered within 24 hour time on your email
  • The high-quality image that can be resized to any size while maintaining  high resolution (you’ll receive both a high-resolution JPEG /PNG file PNG)
  • An image that can be uploaded to any social medium like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Cartoonize MeTry our personalized hand-drawn character now!

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